Monday, December 24, 2007

The Certainly-Not-Unwanted Things: Year-End Music Addenda, Part 1

Doing my second best-of list for The A.V. Club made me neurotic. I stand by it and all, but it's also worth measuring a year's music by the stuff one leaves off lists like this. Case in point, my ballot includes a list of "stuff I haven't had enough time to chew on but would likely give an honorable mention if I had"--was that supposed to get past my editors? So, what the hell, here's a whole bunch of other stuff that'll be worth chewing on in the future.

Dub Trio, Cool Out And Coexist (ROIR): It's dub, swampy instrumental metal, and the surprisingly vast territory between the two.

Tinariwen, Aman Iman (World Village): If it's NPR-approved world music, it does more than just get those turtlenecks undulating and lumbar-supportive Audi seats rocking. Tinariwen, from Mali of all places, restores the blues to its primal, thumping state, yet the guitar work can also get tender and melodic.

The Long Blondes, Someone To Drive You Home (Rough Trade): This album is too fucking long--16 songs, just over an hour--but "Only Lovers Left Alive" makes it worthwhile. It matches its obnoxious howling with the kind of wit that makes me wish I hadn't been such a lame high-schooler.

The Rosebuds, Night Of The Furies (Merge): Generally consistent and lush, but the second song, "Cemetery Lawn," is so catchy it makes the rest of the album a bit frustrating by comparison.

Baroness, Red Album (Relapse): Just getting in my first proper listen as I write this. In short, a meaty, mighty metal group that broods and noodles like a fine post-punk band.

Johnathan Rice, Further North (Reprise): Different on every listen, depending on what you're looking for. At the very least, a singer-songwriter record with some flaws and a bitterly memorable opening track:

Maximo Park, Our Earthly Pleasures (Warp): A brash command of hooks and songs full of sneaky cleverness. Also, Paul Smith is a crazy dude in a hat onstage and a nice-enough, if excitable, guy in interviews.

More to follow.

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Eric Grubbs said...

I had to do two best-of lists this year: the stuff I liked off the top of my head and then the stuff I forgot about after reading other best-of lists. I just can't get it down to one concise list.