Monday, July 09, 2007

Hamell On Trial

Hamell On Trial, aka the furious one-man acoustic punk storm of Ed Hamell, played Café Carpe in Ft. Atkinson (about 30 miles outside Madison) Sunday night. He mostly showcased songs and stories from The Terrorism Of Everyday Life, a performance/DVD project he's working up. Highlights: A hysterical anecdote about a friend's dead mother, smoking a dead guy, and John Lennon telling a young Hamell to fuck off. Oh, and recent favorites like "Coulter's Snatch," which surely counts as a unifying hit among his cult audience. But lest that song make you think he's some kind of novelty humor act, head to Righteous Babe Records, where you can stream his latest album, Songs For Parents Who Enjoy Drugs.

Rocking, telling stories, and just generally being awesome.