Saturday, July 29, 2006

"I'm Down Here in the Office with the Little Starving Kids": Bono as David Brent

Ooh, what's more important: you, Neil, with your report, or some starving children? Oh, I dunno. Oh, what would Lenny Henry say? I think we know. Imagine him going out of the door on Comic Relief day and Dawn French is going 'Where you going, you haven't done the washing up. You haven't put the rubbish out. 'DO IT YOURSELF, I'VE GOTTA SAVE SOME AFRICANS!' (Ricky Gervais as David Brent, The Office (UK), season 2, episode 5)

I just saw Leonard Cohen — I'm Your Man and enjoyed it very much, but I can't help but feel that Bono's and Edge's commentaries in the film are superfluous. They seems, as usual, enraptured by their own voices as they find a bunch of ways to say, "Gee, Leonard Cohen's really good!" and "Wow, Leonard Cohen kinda has this spiritual quality."

David Brent and his buddy Chris Finch, on the other hand, take excessive pride in being trivia champions.

Possible rebuke: "You can't compare Bono with David Brent! One's a well-established musician, the other's a fictitious idiot!"

My reply: Yes I can, and thanks to the magic of YouTube, so can you!

The main thing they have in common: Supreme confidence, even when they're deep in their own vapidity. I must say that it's nice to see Edge without that stupid hat. I'd scalp him just to get rid of it. If you are a lawyer who's willing to help me cook up an alibi, please email me.

That said, Brent isn't quite so good at turning boring, socially conscious talk into magnificent songs.