Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To Sleep, Perchance To Be Bored Off My Ass

A dream triggered by a Mekons song should probably be a little more fucked-up and entertaining, but here's what I got a few nights ago:

I approach a street corner and see a crowd of meek-looking grad students (in the dream, I know that they're grad students) belting out the Mekons song "The Building." In its original form, the song is just Jon Langford yelping into a mic and stomping his feet for about two minutes, and I'm never shocked to see the occasional obnoxious demonstration in Madison. (In the dream, I know I'm in Madison, I guess in the neighborhood near the office.) I figure it must be one of those "general comment on the way things are going in this country" kind of protests, like the "1984"s I occasionally see around town, scribbled on street signs by the most articulate person ever.

As the chant breaks up, I round the corner and discover a huge party spilling out of someone's house. The people there tell me it's just a party for no particular reason. It's not particularly crazy or fun. I wander into a room at the back of the house and find a few people sitting on a couch watching the Eagles on TV. Some live video from their '90s reunion. Naturally, everyone in this room looks mega-bored. I sit down for a bit and meet a nice girl. When she leaves, she refuses to give me her number, but tells me to get in touch if I want to talk about "community projects." The end, at least as far as I care to remember. Considering all the weird imagery you could get from songs like "Prince Of Darkness," "Hard To Be Human," or, say, "Ghosts Of American Astronauts," it's a bit of a letdown.