Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tags Are Too Much Fun (Or Just Sad)

IMDB and allmusic never fail to help me out, say, a dozen times a day. That said, both are developing an ever-more-obsessive habit of tagging, taking this concept to the ball-dangling brink of its usefulness. Maybe this will be helpful for people who need to have a Mood Customized Optimal Entertainment Experience, and now. Need a perfect tune for staying in bed? A movie with hands in it? Nothing novel about silly tags, but they're more amusing on sites that also function as serious research tools.

Here are more.

Allmusic themes/moods:
Housework, The Sporting Life, Dinner Ambience, Pool Party, Knotty, The Creative Side, Guys Night Out ... efforts to locate "Trapped Under Car" and "Awkward Funeral" were unsuccessful.

IMDB plot keywords:
Lactation, Sunglasses, Fisticuffs, Title Spoken By Character, Vomit Scene, Wrist Watch... but even better, you can click your way around the "related keywords" field that accompanies each one until you've got just the right combination*.

*Also fits under Guys Night Out, The Creative Side, and Housework.

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