Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'd Use Church As An Excuse to Skip Northwestern Games*, But...

I really try my hardest to forget about the inanities of life at my alma mater, but an Obscure Store posting took me back to the ridiculousness for a minute. A Muslim student group at Northwestern wants a space to pray in during home football games, and I suppose there are valid arguments both for and against that, but what really made me laugh was the response from an athletics official:

"This is a request we took seriously," he said. "We appreciate all student support, but we didn't feel there was a suitable area for prayer. There's not enough space in the arena."

It's an arena! Officially, it seats 8,117 people, and, well, it's pretty damn big and it's near another large building, if I recall.

(*If I were religious.)

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