Saturday, September 02, 2006

Obie Trice vs. ODB

(Not that I really think there's any comparison.)

Obie Trice: "I'll be damned if I let a nigger lay his hands on me,/ I'll lay his ass out and park a Grand Am on 'im..." ("Cry Now," from Second Round's On Me)

Ol' Dirty Bastard: "...I drop an ambulance on a nigga." ("You Don't Want To Fuck With Me," from Nigga Please)

So, Obie, does that Grand Am have flashing lights and a trunk full of medical supplies? Is it much heavier than your average Grand Am? I'm just saying: It appears Ol' Dirty had a little more resolve (and flair!) in the vehicular homicide department. Though you're ahead in the Cheers-inspired album art category. (Yes, I'm aware that was also the title of your first album, but in this context I do mean that TV show that went on entirely too long.)

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